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Customer Codes

The Authority also requires electricity suppliers to prepare Codes of Practice and Procedures that must be approved by the Authority, in relation to key service areas and to publish these Codes and Procedures as booklets available to all customers, on request. These are:

  Late Payment Code of Practice
We require electricity suppliers to publish a Late Payment Code of Practice to ensure that customers who have difficulty in paying their bills understand the procedures to be followed, are given reasonable time to pay outstanding amounts, in accordance with their ability to pay, and are not disconnected without receiving the required reminders and notices.

  Special Needs Code of Practice
We require electricity companies to provide additional services specifically tailored to meet the needs of those with disabilities or chronic illnesses, and those of pensionable age. These include the requirement to keep a register of all such customers so that they can provide additional help if their electricity supply is interrupted by planned maintenance works or a network failure.

  Efficient use of Electricity Code of Practice
We require electricity suppliers to publish an Efficient use of Electricity Code of Practice to advise customers on how to reduce their bills or cool their homes more effectively by using electricity more efficiently. The Codes include a number of simple tips such as advice on the setting of a comfortable level for air conditioning systems, the use of efficient lighting systems and so on.

Copies of all Codes should be available on your electricity supplier’s website. If not let them know and ask them to let you have a copy of the Code that you would like to see.