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The Authority has used its powers to make a series of more than 70 formal legal Determinations of customers’ disputes with electricity distribution and supply companies.

Although each Determination is intended to reflect the specific circumstances of each dispute and should not be taken as committing the Authority in relation to any other case, the Authority intends that electricity companies should apply the underlying principles to assist other customers with similar disputes. The Authority does not expect to have to make a series of repeat Determinations in respect of similar cases.

In order to help customers obtain a fair result in pursuing a similar complaint the Authority has published a summary Guide to Determinations that describes typical problems that customers face and how these should be resolved in relation to the following areas:

  Customer billing disputes

  Meter accuracy

  Meter reading

  New meter installation

  Provision of separate (multiple) meters

  Failure to provide regular bills

  Incorrect bill calculation

  Disconnection of supply for non-payment

  Meter tampering

  Landlords and tenants responsibilities for historic debts

  The relocation of electricity company assets such as poles, sub-stations etc

  New connections

Should you wish to read the detailed Determinations, please follow this link