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Getting Connected

Unless your premises are a long way from the electricity network, or in some other circumstances (described below) you have a right to obtain a connection to the electricity network. You will have to make a contribution to the costs, but the process to be followed to calculate your contribution is controlled by the Authority.
To get connected you should contact the electricity distribution and supply company for your area and ask for:

The procedure to be followed to obtain a connection and the approximate costs of obtaining a connection for loads that are less than 2500kW, that are located less than 1.5km from the existing11kV grid, are illustrated in the connection statement.

For loads of more than 2500kW and for loads more than 1.5km from the existing 11kV grid, the connection statement sets out the process to be followed to provide you with a quotation for the costs you will be charged.

If you are not sure which company to contact, the map below gives an indication of the geographical area covered by each.

Please note that it may not be possible to connect your premises if:

Each premises should be allocated a single electricity meter and that the supply to a single premises should not be split into separate accounts. However, you may ask for separate meters if your property is divided into more than 1 premises and each has a separate “Mulkiya,’ entrance, electricity distribution board and facilities for independent living such as a kitchen, bathroom and living space. In some cases it will also be necessary to submit a valid rent agreement.

If you need further help or support in relation to your rights to an electricity network connection or the process to be followed please contact the Directorate of Customer Affairs for advice.